A Useful List of Guidelines for Planning a Baby Shower to Ensure its Success.

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Baby Showers Commemorate the Upcoming New Addition to the Family

If one of your friends or couples you know is having a baby soon, planning a baby shower surprise party will thrill them to bits! It is a joyous time for mothers to be and they are excited about the new addition to the family and you can share in this excitement with a baby shower party.

In this article we will share a few steps for planning a baby shower and Sili-Chic also has some superb gift ideas that will help make it even more special.

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1) The first thought is planning a suitable time that allows friends and family to attend. Baby shower parties are normally held at a time just before the baby arrives and a suitable time of the day when mums to be are not too tired.

2) The next step is deciding what venue will be used. You can discuss this with the parents of the new mum or with friends that have a comfortable venue.

3) Now the guest list needs to be worked out and it is best to stick to people that know the mums and parents to be.

If you are planning a baby shower that the new mum already knows about you can ask her directly who she would like to attend which will make things easier.  Perhaps you want to plan a small get together or alternatively a larger, fun party, think about this as will depending on space at the venue.

4)  Next you will need to send out the RSVP invitations to the guests. This will let you know well beforehand who is coming so that you can plan the catering.

5) Some mums to be will know beforehand what the new-born addition to the family is going to be, and if this is the case you can choose a suitable theme as well as tell guests so that they will know what suitable gifts to bring to the baby shower.

In most cases, the obvious colours are pink and blue but this is not set in stone so feel free to spruce it up with a yellow, green, purple or any color theme!

6) Order a cake for the baby shower and make it special also matching the theme colours and the baby’s name if the new parents have already chosen one.

7) Plan your catering to ensure there are sufficient drinks and snacks for everyone both sweet and savoury.

8)  Lastly, it is always fun to play a few games so while planning a baby shower think about what will make it fun. If you are stuck on ideas, use the internet to find some.

Those are all the basic steps for planning a baby shower and you will find they are similar to throwing any sort of party. It does help to have a list to remember though which ensures it all goes off smoothly.

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Baby showers often last for a few hours because mums to be can get tired quite quickly so the planner keeps an eye on things to keep things moving.

If one of your friends or couples you know is having a baby soon, take steps to planning a baby shower surprise party that will be a memorable occasion. It is a joyous time for mothers and parents to be which means they are excited about the new addition to the family.

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