Baby Silicone Teething Jewellery.


The New Trend With New Mothers in Baby Teething Jewellery.

It can certainly be frustrating for new mothers when babies start getting their teeth because during this stage babies can be extremely irritable and tearful.

Although many products like teething powders and creams are available the new ranges of baby silicone jewellery has become very popular with mums.

When the first teeth begin breaking through the gums babies can be given silicone jewellery to chew on and it is tough durable and very soothing to the baby.

Sili-Chic offers teething necklaces and pendants that are designed to be chewed on by babies completely safe.

Stylish Necklace

We recommend that mums choose larger silicone jewellery products made from quality safe silicone without any contaminants in our baby silicone teething jewellery collections.

These are all handcrafted from non-allergenic food grade silicone and are the new trend with mums, and because baby silicone teething jewellery can also be available where ever mums are while doubling as stylish jewellery.

There is no need to worry about teething necklaces crafted using beads breaking while a baby is chewing on them, as the lanyards used are virtually unbreakable and we also offer simple release clips in our baby bead strip collections on offer soon.

Teething necklaces, however, should not be worn around the baby’s neck because this could lead to strangulation. Another tip is to ensure that baby jewellery is kept clean and silicone is durable enough to be washed with hot water after being used.

The necklace can be worn while you are cradling the baby while teething or it can be taken off and the mother can hold it to make sure that injury is avoided.

Sili-Chic Stylish Fashionable, Functional Baby Teething Necklaces.

All our baby teething jewellery is crafted using non-toxic silicone which makes our pieces safe and soft enough for babies to gnaw on while also being uniquely stylish for the wearer.

Teething necklaces are the new trend with mothers because they provide chewing relief to babies while they are getting their new teeth.

With this in mind consider Sili- Chic range of teething jewellery the perfect gift for new mums with babies and you can be sure they will be delighted to receive them.

Mums consider our teething jewellery to be a perfect choice for relieving your baby’s teething pain.

As mentioned before silicone jewellery of all types is simple to clean and all you need is to wash in warm soapy water and carefully rinse it afterwards until the next time you want to use it. Sili-Chic offers baby teething necklaces and other products are available in a variety of lovely bright colours which will catch your babies attention.

Browse our collection in the category provided and bookmark our website as we are adding new creations regularly which are sold out quickly due to their popularity.

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