Sili-Chic Unique Handmade Silicone Jewellery

Makes The Perfect Gifts.

Silicone Sets

SiliconeJewellery, The New Fashion Trend

Handmade jewellery from Sili-Chic is the perfect choice when you want to give the person in your life something very special to celebrate your love, or a wonderfully thoughtful gift for friends family and colleagues.

You will see we have a wide selection in styles, and elegant designs, in handmade jewellery, which is created using beautiful designs in silicone that is non-allergenic, waterproof and even safe for teething babies.

In fashion circles wearing handmade jewellery is a bold fashion statement, and our luxurious jewellery has its own uniqueness, and originality.

Whether you are looking for an exceptional colourful artistically designed necklace to celebrate an anniversary, or for birthday or Christmas gifts our handcrafted silicone jewellery will exceed your expectations in more ways than one.

Check out beautiful bracelets, pendants, necklaces and jewellery sets from our smart collections of silicone jewellery products.

Sili-Chic handmade silicone pieces are made by skilled craft women, and we take care to ensure every exquisite detail is absolutely perfect.

Our mission is to create the most stunning handmade silicone jewellery money can buy, and over the years we have become the most sought after jewellery on the market.

Now we have opened our online store and you can order online and have your jewellery shipped to your door for convenience.

Handmade creations are far more desirable than commercial jewellery, and the designs, settings, and silicone materials used are all superior quality, to create jewellery that is extremely attractive.

Stylish Necklace

Our multi colours in pendants and necklaces jewellery are able to match any colour outfit, and when you wear our sensational handmade jewellery it will certainly turn heads in your direction.

Perhaps you are celebrating your anniversary, wedding, or want handmade jewellery for a special gift for the woman in your life?

Sili-Chich unique handcrafted jewellery oozes class, elegance, and style, so you will find everything you can wish for from beautiful necklaces, and bracelets to choose from, in different collections.

Have a look at how the designs flow together in perfect harmony, using only the best silicone materials and accessories on the market all thoughtfully created to complement each other.

You will see that this stunning range of Sili-Chic creations in silicone jewellery has also been widely acclaimed in the media for the perfect teething accessory for babies, and many mums with new babies wear our jewellery with pride.

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Silicone jewellery is superb quality and you can choose unique designs in handmade jewellery, and you can use the convenience of internet technology to order yours.

If you want to spoil yourself with the most stunning collections of handmade jewellery you will ever find online, then you will definitely agree that the collections featured from Sili-Chic are simply incredible.

Why not register your own secure account to shop online for sensational handmade jewellery of your choice, which covers all items, in various collections; each more desirable than the next.