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Teething Necklace for Teething

Soothe Your Baby Teething Problems with a Stylish necklace for Teething From Sili-Chic

Sili-Chic offer food grade silicone accessories perfect for teething babies and if you have been searching for a necklace for teething we have some fashionable and most importantly functional pieces perfect for Mum’s.  Relieving teething pain can be done in quite a number of ways, but some are often not suitable for your baby, while some babies are even allergic to certain teething powders and gels.

Before you turn to pain relief products consider a necklace for teething, dummy clip, silicone bangles or teething mittens.  Fortunately for the majority of babies, teething symptoms are minor and teeth can push through quickly with minimum discomfort within a few days.

Even so there is going to be pain and crying during this time and a necklace for teething is perfect for baby to chew on to help the new teeth push through.  Teething can be quite painful for babies where multiple teeth start pushing through simultaneously as well so you need to have something on hand at all times to help soothe.

When this happens you should have teething gels, teething mittens, cold water in their baby bottles and a soft cloth to wipe away drool which will prevent nasty skin rashes on baby skin.  Teething powders and gels are equally effective and can also be used in conjunction with silicone jewelery designed for teething.

Dummy clips and a necklace for teething have become a popular accessory for teething babies and Sili-Chic offer the highest quality silicone jewelry and accessories in South Africa for them to chew on to make the process as painless as possible.

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Pendant Baby Teethers Necklace for teething

Caring for Teething Babies

Teething babies can be frustrating for mum’s especially if the child is constantly crying and restless, but if you feel their gums and find there are not teeth pushing through there could be other reasons for your baby’s distress.

Read some useful information on Sili-Chic about teething babies, symptoms to watch out for and handy hints to help you through this difficult time.

Alternatively, choose a necklace for teething, teething mittens or dummy clips and we offer personalizing services, or special requests for names if they are not available in our collections.

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Sili-Chic is all about style and fashionable jewellery too, which is not just for teething! Our trendy colours and styles are also great for wearing with any outfit for any occasions whilst being ready and on hand when baby begins fussing.

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Baby Teething Silicone Jewelry