Soothe Tender Baby Gums While Teething With These Lovely Silicone Teething Mittens.

Teething Mittens

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Sili-Chic offer an awesome range of silicone teething jewellery for Mums with teething babies but not only that you will also love our silicone teething mittens.

While babies are teething they often chew on their fingers and the excess saliva can cause chapped and sore hands and fingers.  Baby silicone teething mittens are the perfect solution, soft and comfortable on your babies hands and perfectly safe for them to chew on.

Baby teething mittens are designed with absorbent material to absorb babies drooling and food grade silicone is perfectly safe while tough and durable.

Sili-Chic silicone teething mittens are ideally suited for babies between the ages of 3 to 12 months of age and have passed testing in many countries to be a perfectly safe solution for teething babies.

Care and Use of the Teething Mittens.

Teething mittens are great to keep with you anywhere, while you are out and about with your baby, and they can be simply hand washed with soap and water after baby has used them.

They will fit snugly on your baby’s hands and provide a soft silky chew option just like our teething jewellery and dummy clips all made from quality safe food grade silicone.

Currently Sili-Chic offer two colour tones and we recommend that you buy at least two sets so one is available while the other is drying after being washed.

When baby’s teeth develop the gums can be painful as well as itchy and offering your baby these silicone teething mittens as a reliever of these symptoms or our dummy clips is the perfect solution.

Our teething mittens are colourful, designed with lightweight, quick drying material and you can avoid uncomfortable drool rashes while your baby will love the relief they offer for teething pain.

Sili-Chic silicone teething mittens are the perfect solution for massaging tender sore gums, let baby try them, you wont be disappointed!