Parenting Guidelines: Identifying Practices to Avoid When Raising Children.

Take Note of These Parenting Guidelines By Sili-Chic

New mums and dads discover that it is not easy being a parent, or when you are expecting the first addition to your family, and it can be quite scary too because you have no idea what to expect.

The below indicated parenting guidelines show you what you should avoid when rearing your children and while doing so will make you a parent they will love and trust while growing up. One of the most important traits you should have as a parent is patience, especially for children in the 21st century that have minds and wills of their own. Today with smartphones and computers they quickly become hooked on technology in their early years.

Without patience, there will be a lot of conflict, mistrust and lack of communication which can damage the parent-child relationship. These parenting guidelines and advice for new parents will give you a roadmap to parenting success, and the effect it will have on your children to develop into well-balanced teenagers and adults.

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Parenting  Guidelines: What you should avoid in parenting.

1) Many times when children fail you will be tempted to criticize them avoid doing so. Rather spend time and effort teaching them how to excel in what they do, and take an active interest in what they like.

When children are criticized and constantly broken down by parents they will develop a negative mindset which will affect their lives when they grow older. Most children seek their parent’s approval and praise when they succeed so be there and give it to them when it is necessary without overdoing it.

2) Avoid mentally and verbally abusing your children which happens a lot when parents are angry. Sometimes in anger, things may be said to the child that cannot be taken back. When you are mad at your children first take time to cool off yourself, and when you have, sit them down and have a heart to heart talk with them.

3) When scolding or punishing children explain to them what the reason is that you are doing so clearly and tell them how to avoid these mistakes in the future. Don’t just send them to their rooms, ground them or punish them and then leave them to try and figure out why you have in the first place.

4) Show trust in your children and let them know that you trust them and it is vital not to break the trust between you. This is where lines of communication must stay open between you and your children so that problems can be openly discussed and resolved.

5) An important tip in parenting guidelines is that you must spend time with your children as much as possible. In busy fast-paced lifestyles with both parents often having their own careers it can be easy to neglect a child.

6) Children need their parents, they need parental support and they need parental guidance and when you don’t spend time with them then these are all absent from your child’s life while they are growing up.

There are many other parenting tips for mums and dads to raise happy healthy children from birth to adulthood,  but the obvious ones for taking care of children is making sure that you attend to their needs of food, clothing, shelter, education, entertainment and diet.

If you are a parent to be, there are going to be some tough times ahead and responsibilities that you now have for the rest of your life. Should you be planning a family make sure you are ready to have children because they are your children for life.

There are many other parenting guidelines that you will find online with some diligent research so be sure that you are prepared!