Teething Dummy Clips Are A Wonderful Solution for Teething and Falling Dummys.

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Sili-Chic teething dummy clips are gaining popularity as a far better option for babies to chew on to soothe them while teething and are made from safe, food grade silicone.

The second option is a teething necklace that mum can wear while babies chew on them but never allow babies to wear them because they could become a strangulation or choking hazard.

The advantages of dummy clips available from Sili-Chic are their durability, quality and re-usability as they can simply be cleaned by hot water after baby has drooled over them.

100% Safe, Food Grade Silicone from Sili-Chic

Even pediatricians recommend that mum’s only choose silicone dummy clips or teething necklaces manufactured using a 100% food-grade silicone. Beware of cheap knock off products that could contain harmful additives and other teething products that may be harmful for your baby.

Our dummy teething clips are wonderful to soothe the pain in teething babies with Moms everywhere finding them to be a must have!

Choose from a range of bright colours that baby will love and you never need worry about breakage because they are created using a tough durable cord and break-away clasps.

Sili-Chic silicone dummy clips are perfect for Moms with small babies and they are great value for money too.  We have happy Moms who recommend our dummy clips as well as all our silicone jewellery products for nursing/feeding and relief for teething.

silicone baby accessories

Mum’s that are wary of using any types of silicone jewellery for teething babies can have a look at our food grade silicone mittens offered at exceptional value for money, they come as a single mitten in blue or pink which has a velcro strap to secure to tiny hands which can then proceed to gum away at the soft silicone as if they were chewing their own fingers.

Teething can be a frustrating time in a mother’s life when baby is fussing and crying.  Some Mothers even take their kids to the ER only to find out that the problem is baby teeth are breaking through causing baby’s extreme discomfort.

Teething silicone jewelry and our accessories are perfect baby shower gifts while having the function of being stylish to wear and on hand when baby starts to fuss.

Pro Tip: Keep your dummy clips and teething mittens in the refrigerator freezer section(if you have one, not the deep freeze!) for added soothing relief when baby needs it or coat it with Pediatrician approved teething gels or powders available from pharmacies.

Best Value Exclusive Silicone Jewellery from Sili-Chic.

We do custom designs of most of our teething accessories so feel free to send in a request.  We also have the option to customise your teething dummy clip with any name or nickname within 8 letters for a little bit extra.

Our teething jewelry is wonderfully named and we will add your custom design and name to our store too(without the name of course!), send us a any name and get a thoughtful baby shower gift.  Our personalized services and superior quality products at the best prices are what make Sili-Chic stand out, give us a try!

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