Dummy Clip & Teething Mitten


Get a Dummy Clip & Teething Mitten Combo & save 15%!

Material: Non-toxic silicone.
Finish: Matte (non-shiny).
BPA free, non-toxic silicone.

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A Handcrafted Sili-Chic Teething Clip/ChewChain is a must have!

  • It’s a dummy clip holder
  • It’s a Teether and a teether holder
  • Makes a great sensory development tool as babies do explore with their mouths.

Your teething baby can now use their dummy clip to chew, stimulate and soothe their sore and itchy gums with the soft and squishy beads on the chain.

The Sili-Chic Teething Mitten is soft and flexible with a textured silicone surface that provides soothing teething relief. The teething mitten prevents babies from scratching, the constant dropping of teething toys as well as excess saliva and chewing. This mitten can be worn on either hand and is a perfect solution for babies who cannot keep hold of their teethers.

  • The Sili-Chic teething mittens will keep your baby entertained with its crinkle noise.
  • Food grade silicone material and fabric.
  • Soft and flexible teething surface.
  • BPA & Phthalate-freeSafety tested to exceed all federal safety requirements, including CPSC, ATSM regulations and the most current CPSIA.


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