Unique Silicone Dummy Clips, The Perfect Accessory to Soothe Baby During Teething Times.

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Awesome Range, Best Value! Get Cute Silicone Dummy Clips From Sili-Chic.

If you need the perfect gift for Moms with small babies or Moms to be, try something a little different, with a beautiful range of dummy clips and Sili Munchers to choose from.  We offer a variety of different styles and colours, plus a service to personalize clips with the baby’s name to make it even more special.

Silicone teething accessories like dummy clips are perfect for teething babies to chew on while doubling as awesome toys for little hands to fiddle with.

Our dummy clips have some bright colours for sensory development and are manufactured by hand using superior quality, safe food-grade silicone.  Dummy clips are a great accessory to keep in your handbag ready for when the baby starts fussing when new teeth begin pushing through.  Add a teething mitten and a Sili Muncher for an all round gift or teething kit for a baby showers or your own little munchkin.

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While babies teeth are pushing through, they are apt to chew on everything they can grasp, and nothing is better for them to chew on than a safe, non-toxic food grade dummy clip, with personalization options you will only find in our collections including colors, letters and characters which you can mix and match.  While browsing our silicone accessories, make sure to look for our latest additions and check out our social media for updates on upcoming products.

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Our Top Quality Silicone Accessories are Hand Made With Love!

Dummy clips can be attached to pram handles or to your handbag straps so that while out and about they are readily handy for teething babies that begin fussing when teething distress strikes which can happen at any time.

Dummy clips are a far better option than pacifiers or dummies which can cause teeth to become misaligned which can be problematic later. Teething is a natural process where teeth begin pushing through gums and babies will chew on their hands or whatever they can grab to relieve the pain and irritation this causes.

Sili-Chic food-grade silicone dummy clips and Sili Munchers are hand-made using superior quality materials with tough silicone beads and lanyards that are sturdy and durable which makes them baby proof when tugged on in most cases.

Silicone beads are easy to clean and you can keep them in the refrigerator to keep them cool which adds even more relief when the baby needs to chew on them.  In addition to this, you can coat the beads with teething powders which are readily available from pharmacies.

Silicone Teething Mittens

All our products have been made with safety in mind, and we recommend buying quality you can trust.  Beware of knock off silicone teething accessories which may be attractive because they are cheap but they may not be the superior quality you can trust like our products that are all handmade with attention to the finest details.

Sili Munchers are a perfect accessory for mums with teething babies, and even for those that are still breastfeeding because they will keep babies hands busy during feeding times.


Dummy Clip & Teething Mitten


Silicone dummy clips, mittens and all our teething accessories are easy to clean and maintain, convenient for mums on the go and of course for that perfect baby shower gift that will be used!