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Teething Products From Sili-Chic to Help Mums Through Frustrating Teething Months

Within the first few months of a baby’s life, their first teeth will start breaking through their gums.  Although this is a huge milestone in their development, it can be a frustrating time for mums.  Teething times don’t have to be a nightmare and these guidelines below could help you.

In most babies teething begins around 4 – 6 months and symptoms will vary between babies with some suffering more than others.  Some may take a little longer for the teeth to break through and this may not even happen until their first birthday comes around.

The arrival of a baby’s first teeth doesn’t always go smoothly and without frustration, parents and baby may suffer sleepless nights and discomfort with the fussing, constant crying and endless drooling.

One of the first signs that teething has begun is when the baby begins drooling a lot, they will also start biting anything their little hands can reach. They may not have a normal appetite either which is yet another worry for new mums.

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What to Expect During Teething Months?

While new teeth are breaking through it can be relatively painful for babies and they may suffer from swollen gums, flushed cheeks and have difficulty sleeping.  Naturally, they will cry a lot and some even experience upset tummys.

Sili-chic provides products that can relieve pain and help babies through  teething times.  Our superior quality silicone teethers and mittens have been a one-stop solution for many.

You may be lucky and your baby will take teething in their stride while other mums have a real trying time during this process of new teeth breaking through.

Sili-Chic offers silicone teething products that are far more effective than the teething rings of the past.

Keeping your dummy clips and mittens in the fridge helps with soothing the gums due to the cooling sensation. Teething powders and gels which you can get from your local pharmacy will also help with numbing the pain or you can ask your pediatrician to recommend or prescribe some for your baby.

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Some babies may suffer from severe pain and in this case it may be wise to seek advice from your pediatrician that will prescribe pain-numbing products suitable to the baby’s age.

Using Sili-Chic teethers  have been proven to work effectively in helping babies(and mums) sail through those months when baby gets their new teeth.

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