Parental Safety Measures at Home for Children and Toddlers to Prevent Accidents and Injuries.

Keep Babies and Toddlers Safe With These Useful Tips by Sili-Chic

Thousands of serious accidents happen to children and many of them happen at home, and as parents we should do a little child proofing at home which can go a long way to preventing these common accidents.  Once toddlers begin crawling and exploring, all sorts of little mishaps can happen and you can prevent injury and accidents by applying some basic common sense.

Below are some simple safety measures at home for children that you can apply in and around your home for peace of mind, especially if you have toddlers.  Most of these safety measures at home for children and home safety tips for child modifications can be implemented at minor costs and you will find accessories that are easy to install at many baby stores.

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1- Always install safety latches and locks for medicine and cleaning product cabinets, as well as drawers in kitchens, and bathrooms.  This will prevent the common poisoning accidents that children suffer each year at home.  Latches will further help prevent children from gaining access to medicines, chemical cleaners, as well as knives and other sharp objects used in the kitchen.

2- Install safety gates at the top of stairs if you have them in your home to prevent falls down stairs and where necessary to keep children away from dangerous areas like the basement.  These can even be temporarily installed to prevent toddlers going into the kitchen which can be a dangerous place.

3- Another tip for safety measures at home for children is to install door knob covers and mini sliding door locks to help prevent children from entering rooms and other areas with possible dangers.  These can be opened easily by adults but not by children.  An extremely important area to have these locks installed is at access gates near swimming pools.

4- Check that the water temperature of water heaters are not set to too hot to prevent children getting scalded while bathing as they can fiddle with the taps.  Use anti-scald devices on taps and shower heads. While bathing toddlers never leave them alone even for a few minutes to answer the phone because they can fall over and drown in just a few inches of water.

5- While cooking, keep small children out of the kitchen.  Your pot handles should face towards the wall to prevent children grabbing them and getting burnt when placed on the stove.  See the point above about keeping small children out of the kitchen with safety gates.

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6- A vital tip for safety measures at home for children and for everyone is that smoke detectors should be installed to alert you to fires. These safety devices are essential for protection against fire deaths and injuries.  Regularly check the smoke detectors for operation and the battery backups for integrity.

7- Installing window guards and safety netting are safety measures at home for children to help prevent falls from windows, balconies, decks, and landings. Safety gates should be installed if you live in a high rise with a balcony to prevent children accessing the balcony at all times.

8- Many accidents involving children and toddlers happen from sharp edges around the home and these can be avoided by installing edge bumpers which are available at hardware stores.  Check sharp edges of furniture and fireplaces, kitchen counter tops and anywhere that it is possible for children to fall and injure themselves.

9- Another of the very important safety measures at home for children which is often ignored is making sure that electrical outlets are child proofed.  Thousands of children suffer death from electrocution all over the world when little fingers find their way into electrical outlet holes.  Child proofing for outlets are available at many hardware stores and they are inexpensive and easy to install. Most outlet protectors are clip on so check that they cannot be easily removed by children and are large enough so that children cannot choke on them.

10- If you have blinds or hanging curtain cords make sure they are trimmed and out of reach of children to prevent strangulation.  Alternatively use tassel cord endings and safety cords for blinds, or wrap the cords firmly on a fastener hook out of reach.

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11- It often happens that children slam their fingers in doors or cut them on door hinges. Simple rubber door stops can prevent this from happening to toddlers especially when they have just learned how to crawl.

The above basic safety measures at home for children are easy enough for parents and low cost, but most importantly small children should not be left alone for long periods of time. Parents of new arrivals can implement simple safety measures at home for children and have peace of mind they have done everything possible to prevent accidents.

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