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silicone baby accessories

Silicone Dummy Clips Provide Fast Relief For Teething Babies

Babies have to get through teething when new teeth start breaking through their gums on their own, but Mum’s can help with silicone dummy clips available from Sili-Chic. When teething begins babies find relief by chewing on something and silicone accessories have proven to be effective.

Silicone necklaces can be worn by new mothers, while dummy clips are just as useful and always handy to be chewed on by babies whenever teething pains begin.  Dummy clips and other silicone jewelry is manufactured using food grade silicone that is soft and smooth providing pain relief when babies chew on the beads.

The colours of the beads also stimulate babies and while they fiddle with the beads they also learn about shapes, textures and different colours.

A Variety of Styles & Colours are available from Sili-Chic.

silicone dangler pram accessory teether

Sili-Chic stocks a great variety of shapes, styles and colours in silicone jewelry with intriguing names so you are bound to find something just perfect for your baby boys and girls. We also offer personalized dummy clips which are an awesome gift for new Mum’s and thoughtful gifts for baby showers for Mum’s to be.

Choose stylish necklaces from our range in a variety of trendy colours to suit any outfit and always handy when out and about to sooth your teething baby.

Dummy clips are made using the best quality silicone beads and they act similar to a dummy or teat for baby to chew on.  Beware of knockoff silicone jewelry claiming to be safe and food grade.  Be sure to buy from a reputable seller like Sili-Chic.

All our jewellery is manufactured by hand using the best quality materials which will not break when your baby tugs on them.

Always be present while your baby is chewing on the beads or dummy clips and to relieve pain further you can sprinkle some approved teething powder on the beads or the baby’s gums.

Warning: Do NOT place the necklace around your baby’s neck because this could cause a choking hazard or suffocation.

You can attach dummy clips to babies bib, soft toy or carrier to allow easy access.  You can also let baby chew the beads on your necklace while you are holding and soothing them.

Sili-Chic has some other useful teething products too, like our super cute teething mittens available in pink or white. Shop our range of approved silicone jewelry, dummy clips and beautiful necklaces at great prices.

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Feel free to send us a message on Facebook and let us know if you would like something custom designed with your preferred names and colours.