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Buy Safe & Durable Silicone Dummy Clips With Peace Of Mind From Sili-Chic!

Firstly, Sili-Chic wishes everyone a prosperous 2021 and thanks for the support from all of our customers.  Currently our most popular sellers are silicone dummy clips for teething relief, so much so, that during our recent expo many walked out of the door without us even knowing this!

In this article we would like to point out why our silicone dummy clips are currently the best on the market and are perfect for Mums or baby shower gifts too.

Unlike many other suppliers we are further pleased to offer personalized dummy clips, and where it concerns quality, we have made certain they meet and exceed safety standards for your complete peace of mind.

Contrary to what you may read at many parenting websites online, quality dummy clips are safe and that is why it is important to only buy them from a reputable supplier like Sili-Chic where you know they meet all basic safety regulations.

personalized silicone teethersWhy Our Silicone Dummy Clips Stand Out From The Rest.

Sili-Chic hand-makes all jewelery and we are fully aware of all the characteristics a dummy clip and other teething silicone jewelry should have to meet the required safety standards for babies that will be using these for teething relief.

When we look at many competitors of silicone jewellery, we note that some of the items are potentially dangerous for babies and as you will read in previous articles we cannot stress the importance of safety first for Mums using these items to pacify babies during teething.

For parents , new mums or those looking for a baby shower gift you should note some important facts about silicone dummy clips;

  • Length should be as close to around 22cm as possible
  • Strength of lanyard used for the beads must be tough and durable
  • Resistance of handling must be tough as babies are not exactly gentle with their toys and items
  • Beads should be food grade and durable for use considering babies will chew on these incessantly
  • Clip, stainless steel or approved materials that are tough while baby is using the silicone dummy clips
    silicone danglers teething accessories dummy clips

Sili-Chic welcomes any inquiries regarding our silicone jewellery for advice or personalization.

Our mission is to give you peace of mind that you will only be buying superior quality which we stand behind in every way.

Avoid buying dummy clips with little embellishments and additional items to make them more attractive because these can find their way into a baby’s mouth causing a choking hazard.

Browse our collections of silicone dummy clips and other great jewellery which is functional and fashionable for Mums.