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Soothe Baby Teething Problems The Easy Way Using Sili-Chic Silicone Teether Accessories.

Most babies begin teething around 5 to 8 months and you will notice they begin drooling and become restless and fussy. The effective way that mums use to help baby’s teeth cut through gums is by using a silicone teether and Sili-Chic offer some of the best on the South African market.

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We offer a huge range of silicone teether dummy clips, silicone necklaces, silicone mittens and quality silicone jewelry all manufactured by hand with food grade silicone. Our teething dummy clips are a popular seller and we offer personalized options which make them the perfect baby shower gifts.

The Teething Months are a Difficult Time for Babies and Mums

When your baby begins teething it does hurt and is very uncomfortable and you will notice your baby wants to bite down on everything they can get their hands on. When the new teeth push through you can help relieve this pain and discomfort using silicone teether dummy clips and jewellery.

Some mums smear a little teething powder to help numb the pain and another great tip is cooling your dummy clips in the fridge because this will certainly provide instant relief.

It is sensible to have a few silicone teether dummy clips or mittens on hand so that you can have them readily available for your baby to chew on even while you are out and about.


All Sili-Chic products are made with 100% superior quality food-grade silicone and there are clips attached to prevent them falling on the floor.

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