Beautiful Personalized Silicone Teething Beads Dummy Clips From Sili-Chic.

Dummy Clips

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Mum’s will love the new ranges of silicone teething beads dummy clips we have at exceptional prices to help babies through their teething months.  When baby’s first teeth begin appearing this is called teething and the swelling of the gums can be a painful and irritating process from them causing restlessness, excessive crying, and even sleeplessness.

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Teething is very frustrating for mum’s who do anything to try and soothe their babies during this difficult time.  Fortunately there are great products on the market that can help during babies teething, and the growing trend is using silicone teething necklaces and dummy clips.

Teething in babies

Sili-Chic silicone teething beads dummy clips are soft for baby to chew and instantly soothing for their gums; designed with safe approved food-grade silicone beads while meeting stringent safety standards. Browse the collection of the superb quality exceptional value for money silicone teething  dummy clips which can be attached to your pram when you are out and about instantly available when your baby starts fussing.

Dummy Teething Clips

We are delighted to offer the widest selection of silicone necklaces and dummy clips on the market with a personalized range at the best prices in South Africa. Browse the stunning collections of silicone teething dummy clips and necklaces embossed with your babies name in beautiful colours and your baby will love fiddling with the beads while they are ready to soothe teething at a moment’s notice.

Why Buy Silicone Teething Beads Dummy Clips?

These high quality food grade dummy clips come in lovely fashionable designs in a range of pastel colours perfect for baby boys and girls. Instead of buying baby teething powders which are expensive dummy clips have the advantage of being used repeatedly; easy to sterilize, dishwasher safe and approved by many doctors and pediatricians.

Looking for a perfect gift for mum’s to be for their baby showers? Personalized dummy clips from Sili Chic are the perfect gift and you add some fashionable silicone jewelry from our collections all at the best prices online.

Personalized Dummy Clips

Sili-Chic ship our silicone dummy clips for teething nationwide but before you check out browse the best collections of our silicone jewellery in necklaces, bracelets, combos and make sure to add our specialized silicone mittens.

Get superior quality food grade silicone jewellery stylishly handcrafted for mum’s and babies and most importantly when baby starts fussing during teething you will always have something perfect on hand to soothe them.