What to Know About Baby Teething for New Mum’s, Plus Useful Remedies and Solutions From Sili-Chic!

Help For Baby Teething

Useful Guidelines for Your Baby Teething Months for Mum’s

Baby teething can be a stressful time especially for new mum’s and Sili-Chic would like to provide you with some useful guidelines to get through these frustrating months.

Your baby will usually begin teething from around the age of six months when their primary teeth begin forming and this can carry on for up to a year in some babies.

Around the ages of two to three years, most babies will have most of their milk teeth and teething problems will have passed.  Teething is different for every baby and some go through it relatively quickly and without fuss while others will suffer a prolonged teething process that is quite painful.

Molars breaking through baby gums can be a lot more painful and during this time your baby will suffer a lot of discomfort and be distressed.  New parents can be alarmed when teething begins, leading them to worry that their child is unwell with all the crying and pain baby is suffering but rest assured it is a natural process in every child’s development.

There are natural remedies for teething distress which you can investigate online and if you feel completely unsure then visit the pediatrician or doctor for your peace of mind.

Teething Mitten

Symptoms of Baby Teething

While babies are teething, the symptoms can be irregular and different between babies.  If multiple new teeth are pushing through gums simultaneously then teething can be extremely distressing and painful for your baby.

Mum’s should be vigilant during teething and if you see no teeth pushing through then perhaps your baby could be suffering from another malady.

The signs you can identify during baby teething are:

  • Gums that are red and swollen
  • Red flushed cheeks
  • Face rashes
  • Baby drooling extensively
  • Sucking or biting fingers or trying to rub their gums
  • Ear aches on the side where teeth are pushing through
  • Sleeplessness due to teething distress
  • Not wanting to eat or drink
  • Often accompanied by a mild fever

Methods to Relieve teething Distress

There are many methods and even accessories that help soothe painful teething and some can be purchased from your local pharmacy or prescribed by a doctor.

Sili-Chic offer food grade teething jewelry, teething mittens, and dummy clips that are popular accessories to have on hand during those teething months.  These can be used with teething gels and powders to give babies instant relief.

Chilled water, pureed fruit for babies(if they are eating solid foods) and yogurt are some great remedies to relieve teething discomfort.  Keep a soft damp cloth handy to wipe away excess drool which can be copious during teething.  Excessive drool can cause skin rashes on your babies face and neck so wipe it away often.

Silicone Teething Accessories

Our silicone jewelry is popular for new mum’s, wonderful gifts for baby showers and can be customised to your preferences.

Order our silicone dummy clips, teething mittens and stylish silicone jewelry which offers a functional solution to relieve babies distress during their teething months.