Important Things New Parents Should Avoid at all Costs
Baby Safety Tips for Keeping Baby Healthy and Safe.

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Important Parenting Tips for keeping baby and Small Children Safe

At SiliChic we know how scary it can be after bringing your newborn home so we would like to help you keep updated with useful tips to avoid nasty accidents, in and around the home.  Once again, although many of these are common sense, in our fast-paced daily lives we can make mistakes with disastrous consequences. Keep these tips handy and share them with your friends on Facebook.

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1,  Sometimes incessant crying can make parents extremely stressed. If you become angry you must never, ever shake your baby, as this can cause damage to the brain. Investigate the reason why they do not stop crying.

2, Avoid keeping any small objects or articles near the baby as these could find their way into little mouths and cause choking. Always keep the area around your baby clean.

3, As above, clear away sharp-pointed articles like safety pins, pens, pencils, or sharp-pointed toys. Stick to age-safe baby toys and plush teddies.

4, When bathing your baby prevent bath water from going into their ears as much as possible. If this happens dry their ears promptly. At a young age baby’s ears are very sensitive and this may cause infections.

5, When your baby is upset or crying avoid trying to force-feed them. When you DO feed your baby feed them small bites at a time and allow them to fully swallow before the next spoonful.

6, In time you will discover how much food your baby needs, and when you do, avoid overfeeding the baby.

7, Cleaning products and other items like mosquito repellents, mothballs, chewing gum, medicines, and other poisonous liquids must be kept away from babies and small children. Lock these away in childproof cabinets.

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8, Never dress your baby in tight constrictive clothing. babies grow fast so it is sensible to buy baby clothing that is a size larger.

9, While changing or playing with babies or small children avoid doing so on the edge of the bed, table, or furniture. A nasty fall could cause serious injuries.

10, In today’s times of COVID and other illnesses it makes sense that you should not let strangers handle your baby and prevent close contact with strangers.

11, If you use hair dryers or other electrical accessories like cell phone chargers, make sure that afterward these are stored safely away after use. Your child’s bed should also be placed well away from electrical sockets.

12, We all know that a kitchen is a dangerous place for babies and children so NEVER leave them alone in the kitchen even for a minute.

13, While bathing your baby make sure that the water level in the bathtub is just enough and no more, and NEVER leave a small baby or child in the bath to go answer the door or the phone, or for any reason for that matter.

14, The baby’s eyes and sinuses are sensitive when they are small so avoid smoking inside the house, if you do smoke or your guests smoke. This includes vaping, or hubbly pipes and weed.

15, parents should not allow pet animals to be in very close contact with the baby or small kids, and never be left unattended with them either. ( Pets must be vaccinated including that of anti-rabies injections, and keep pets’ nails trimmed.

16, When the child starts crawling or walking, do NOT leave them unattended as this is where accidents start happening. They must never be left alone upstairs and should not be allowed to climb the steps while downstairs.

17, In baby nurseries, keep the lighting soft and pleasant as bright light can hurt their eyes.

18, While you are traveling make certain you have everything from food to accessories for your new baby, including fresh clothing. Don’t accept any of these items from strangers

19, When baby starts crawling and walking then prevent them from crawling on soil on garden beds. After they have been playing outside bathe them thoroughly.

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20, If you are sick or someone else is sick try to stay away from the kids and avoid contact as much as possible.

21, Avoid taking your baby to hospital wards to visit ill family members, the same applies to taking them where there are crowded market places and polluted dusty areas.

22, In the nursery many parents keep table lamps near the kid which attracts moths and mosquitoes which can cause bites and other problems.

23, Only give babies and children medicines prescribed for them by pediatricians and NOTHING else. Avoid medicine that has expired.

We hope you will find these baby safety tips useful and if so share them with your new parents you may know and friends.

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