Make Baby Teething Times a Breeze With These Useful Tips for Mums & Dads!

Teething Times Tips

Teething Times Do Not Have To Be Stressful For Mums & Babies!

When teething times come around for your baby new teeth start pushing through which can cause a lot of distress and often leads to red faces and frustration.  During this time your baby will be restless, fussy, crying a lot and grabbing everything in sight to chew on trying to get some relief.

Here are some useful tips to help with this stressful time, and remember Sili-Chic offer the best in dummy clips, silicone jewellery and teething mittens that are all perfect for babies while their teeth are developing.

1) Find What Works and What Does Not.

Although there are lots of useful guidelines for teething babies online, every baby is different and what works for some may not work for others.  Sometimes teeth start breaking through later than the normal which is often around 6-10 months.

However some babies begin teething later and then it can be even more painful for them.  You may have to try different methods and suitable solutions to see what works best and this means some experimentation.

2) Silicone Dummy Clips, Teething Rings and Mittens.

Today you can find some amazing silicone accessories like dummy clips and even mittens which babies can chew on safely to relieve painful gums and help teeth break through.

Browse the collections we have on Sili-Chic and order conveniently online but you may also find conventional teething rings and useful products at many baby stores and pharmacies if this is what you prefer.

Dummy Teething Clips

Dummy clips and brightly coloured silicone jewelry are not only great for baby to chew on during teething, but also offer distractions to keep babies occupied while fiddling with them.

*Pro Tip: Cool silicone dummy clips in your fridge because this aids in relief for inflamed gums, but do not freeze or make them too cold.

While teething rings and silicone jewellery are great for teething times, use them safely and be present to make certain that they do not cause strangulation or choking hazards.

3) How To Tell When Baby Starts Teething?

Most mums don’t know why baby is causing such a fuss and are unaware that teething times have started.  Some signs are when baby starts chewing on everything, excessive drooling and restlessness.

You may also notice that their gums are red and inflamed but if you are still not certain, take baby to the doctor to have a look.

Comforting teething babies

Should babies start teething later than the norm they can be given carrots or large sized pieces of apples and other hard fruits or vegetables to chew on.  Once again, be present at all times when they are chewing.

4) Try Teething Gels & Powders For Fast Relief.

Many mums swear by using teething gels and powders but while they may be effective for some for others this is not the case.

These teething powders and gels will help numb the pain a little, but if you do use them then follow instructions exactly as directed.  You can coat dummy clips or teething silicone necklaces with these powders and gels as well.

Suitable Paracetamol Or Ibuprofen For Teething Times.

Sometimes when teeth start pushing through it can be extremely painful for your baby causing them extreme distress. When this is the case ask the doctor or a pharmacist for paracetamol or approved pain relievers for your baby, for any teething gels, powders or pain relief medicines which can help.  These should only be used on babies 4 months and older.

5) Comforting Your Baby.

Parents can do everything possible to comfort babies while teeth are pushing through, even rubbing their fingers gently on the gums which can help and also distracts them.  Watch out for face rashes and neck rashes which could occur from excessive drool and use a bib or soft cloth to wipe this away.

Once the babies teeth have pushed all the way through you can take them to a dentist for examination and they will give you pertinent advice for caring and brushing their teeth.